Welcome to the ICM Advanced Course, we're delighted you've chosen to learn with us. There
are six self-study lessons you can work through at your own pace. We will explore:

                Advanced movements
           Long exposure times            Blending Colours               
 Moving objects      Working from a Moving Vehicle            High Key

This is the version of the Advanced Self-Study with no teacher feedback. If you want Morag and Kaisa to review your images, buy the version with review here.
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Advanced ICM Photography course
This course is designed for creative photographers who already know the basics of ICM photography and have possibly completed the Elementary course. During the six lessons you can deepen your skills in ICM photography and learn new techniques.

In this workshop there are 6 lessons during which we go through new advanced movements, exposure times beyond 2 seconds, colour blending, photographing a moving subject as well as from a moving vehicle and high key photography. All the lessons are based on in-camera photography.

Each of the 6 lessons has a video that explains the technique and the exercise. You will also receive a PDF download of each exercise. You will receive the next lesson upon completion of the previous one. At the end of the course you can submit 4 ICM photos to the instructors to receive feedback on your images 
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In this online course you will

  • Have six lessons with 6 assignments
  • Watch 6 videos accompanied with 6 downloadable assignments
  • Learn more advanced ICM Photography concepts at your own pace

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For this course you only need a camera in which you can adjust shutter speed, aperture and ISO, basic knowledge on how the camera works, and an editing software. 

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